Investment Management

Frank Investments offers you the opportunity to invest in a portfolio managed in parallel with that of the founders.  

Our balanced investment approach reflects our founders’ requirements to preserve the value and purchasing power of their wealth at minimum cost.

The exposures and structure of client portfolios managed by Frank Investments exactly replicate those of the founders’ own portfolio. Moreover, the founders and their clients pay the same investment management fees. This ensures that clients’ risks, opportunity and costs are wholly aligned with those of Frank Investments’ founders. 

Each of our clients is provided with their own managed account on the Bank Julius Bär platform. This ensures that they neither delegate ownership nor compromise the immediate availability of their own assets. We also offer SIPP discretionary portfolio management through the same platform with our custodial bank.

The methodology we employ is described here.

Additional Investment Opportunities

Fellow investors in our Balanced Portfolio are offered additional scope to co-invest with the founders of Frank Investments.

These include one-off direct investment opportunities, of which a steady stream is brought to the founders' notice, and a portfolio of listed equities focused on entrepreneurial ventures.

Regulation Services | Regulatory Cover

We enable unregulated companies and individuals to begin and operate their regulated business quickly and efficiently using our FCA licence.

We offer regulatory umbrella services for UK and overseas based businesses or individuals. Our services include compliance, monitoring, supervision, training and FCA authorisation. Interim regulation cover can be provided if you are applying for FCA authorisation. We offer a wide range of regulation cover to suit most financial services; this includes financial advisers, wealth managers, fund managers and financial data providers, but we do not cover insurance firms. We arrange the complete setup of regulation cover and necessary policies and training.

We are also able to help appointed representatives arrange accounting services and professional indemnity cover.

Capital Raising and Corporate Finance

Through our corporate finance services, we offer the advice and counsel of our founders, a successful entrepreneur, the former chairman of Schroders and an experienced investment manager, to the owners of family businesses and managers of companies.

Furthermore, given our connections with city from extensive careers with financial institutions, we are expertly placed to help businesses raise capital and to guide business planning.

Financial Consulting and Education

We provide familiarisation and training to business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors and their families to better equip them to select and oversee advisors charged with the long-term preservation of hard-earned wealth.