We guard against the erosion of value

  • Investments in your own name

  • Offshore account

  • Liquid investments

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Investment Information Factsheet Q2 2019

Investment Information Factsheet Q2 2019

Investment Philosophy and Objective

Maintaining wealth is as challenging as creating it – and requires different skills.

Our investment philosophy is prudent and conservative: we aim to produce positive returns while avoiding excess volatility. Our portfolio is diversified and liquid, and displays balanced exposure to both fixed income and equity markets.

While acknowledging the relevance of both market and peer group benchmarks, our principal consideration is to guard against any erosion of the value of our and our clients’ assets. Accordingly, we aim to deliver consistent returns in excess of inflation. We have achieved this aim since inception of our investment strategy in 2009. 

Investment Approach

Our approach to portfolio construction combines disciplined risk-based asset allocation with careful selection of the liquid shares and bonds of companies with global businesses, strong balance sheets and sustainable dividend policies. 

Trading is restrained as excessive portfolio turnover adds costs and indicates a lack of focus on long-term fundamental stock selection, which is central to our approach.

The portfolio is unlevered (we do not borrow in order to increase exposure to underlying securities) and we avoid complex derivative securities (options, futures, etc.) and their potentially unrecognized risks. 

Paul Sedgwick has day-to-day portfolio management responsibility for Frank Investments’ portfolio. He is assisted by Howard Weller.

Manager Report from STEP

Manager Report from STEP

Option of SIPP Managed Services

Discretionary Investment Management For Self-Invested Pension Plans (SIPP).

Frank Investments also extends the investment management service for clients SIPP accounts with discretionary management service. 

Clients are able to choose to add a SIPP account to the managed services should they so wish. Frank Investments works with the account providers to ensure that the SIPP wrapper remains intact.

Leading International Private Wealth Custodial Bank

With Bank Julius Bär, we place a premium on efficient administration of our and our clients’ investment portfolios. Moreover, we maintain open communications with our fellow investors to ensure that they can both effectively monitor and oversee their portfolios and are in tune with Frank Investments’ activity on their behalf.  We also manage SIPP accounts for those that use that type of investment account.

What We Charge

  • 0.9% p.a. all-in annual fee

  • No performance fees

  • No initial fees

  • No overtrading

  • No administration fee

  • Custody and trading fee included in annual fee

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