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Current deals that we are partnered on are listed below. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about any of the investments or if you'd like to know more about how we work with our partners. 

DryGro (CO2i Limited):

DryGro is an agriculture technology company that has developed a new way to grow an animal feed protein ingredient called lemna (also known as duckweed). DryGro's ‘controlled environment’ technology enables them to grow this ingredient on arid land that is otherwise not useful for growing crops. Lemna is a perfect supplement to the current industry standard for animal feed protein: soy.

DryGro is looking to do nothing less than disrupt the animal feed industry with the introduction of a new staple commodity crop. A disruption of this scale hasn’t happened since the introduction of soy as a feed crop in the mid-1900s. This kind of disruption is not only possible – it is critically necessary to avoid a catastrophic breakdown in our current food systems, due to unsustainable pressures that are emerging from both a water use and a land use perspective.

To date, DryGro have raised £1.25m in grants and equity for R&D and early development. In Q1 2018 DryGro completed their first demonstration farm in Kenya. They are seeking £2m to expand current operations (expanding the number of growing units from 2 to 20) to further validate their operational model and to prepare for their next phase of scale.

Introductory Presentation available on request. Business Plan available subject to NDA.

Devonian Capital Aquaculture Funds

The Devonian Capital Aquaculture Funds were created to catalyse investment into land-based aquaculture. Growing fish, crustaceans, molluscs, and other aquatic organisms in carefully controlled environments allows farmers to meet consumers’ growing appetite for high quality, fresh, sustainable, and traceable seafood.

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), where water is continuously treated and most of it re-used, are not new; the technologies have been used for about 30 years, and today are used successfully by many businesses (including many of the main industrial farmers of salmon, who use them for the early stages of the fish’s life).

The Funds are managed by Frank Investments Limited (as AIFM), and focuses on early stage land-based aquaculture businesses in the USA and Europe. Frank Investments is advised by Devonian Capital Limited, whose team assesses these businesses from a variety of important perspectives (technology, team, market, and investment terms) and works closely with Frank Investments to identify business concepts that are well placed to succeed, and to achieve attractive returns for investors.

We believe that the market, technology and ‘know how’ have evolved to the point where land-based aquaculture will soon enter the mainstream, and make a significant contribution to meeting rising global demand for seafood in a way that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable (people, planet, profit), and we aim to allow our investors to benefit from this opportunity.

Devonian Capital are seeking £5-10m total investment to invest in an identified pipeline of 3 to 6 businesses. Introductory presentation available on request.

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