Financial Consulting, and Financial Education

Financial Consulting

We are committed to providing people with the know-how and confidence to take decisions related to their own businesses and assets, thereby equipping you to be your own best advisor.

Financial Education

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Financial Market Training

We offer seminars and workshops, hosted by ourselves or by our partnership firms, to explore the benefits of long-term financial planning, to explain investment strategies and portfolio construction.

We offer education workshops and seminars to provide an introduction to financial markets and how to work with Independent Financial Advisors. This covers how to understand what the financial markets are, the nature of risk in the markets, and the importance of long-term planning for your financial assets.

Moreover, we have augmented our own capability with that of Graham Smith’s company, Instructus Markets, a provider of financial market training. 

We neither sell nor recommend specific products and strategies, and have no affiliations with any providers of investment services.

“Paul delivered an excellent talk to our members. He shared extensive insight of algorithmic trading in the financial markets and the importance of new technological advances in the field. His many engaging antidotes and lessons from his career were highly enjoyable and enlightening. Thank you!”
— Marcin Wójcik, President of the Cambridge University AT Society

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